Grandmother saves grandson from otter attack

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Grandmother Saves Grandson from River Otter Attack

WASHINGTON – A Washington state grandmother, Lelani Grove,  could lose an eye after she bravely rescued her grandson who was being viciously attacked by an otter as he was swimming in the Pilchuck River.

A crazed otter attacks a grandmother and her 8-year-old grandson while they were swimming in the Pilchuck River, in Washington.

“It just started biting on me, and biting into me. It felt like little knives going in.”

Lelani Grove says she and her grandson were enjoying a relaxing hot summer’s day when all of a sudden 8-year-old Bryce felt something clamp down on his body while he was swimming near the shoreline.

“He’s screaming and I see him go back under water. This thing obviously was heavy enough to where it took him under.”

Grove ended up fighting off the otter.

“I could see that it was biting into his head and it had its claws around. I just remember trying to hold it as tight as I can and yelling, “get him out of the water. Get him out of the water!”

Both she and Bryce were rushed to the hospital, where doctors fought to save her right eye.

Meanwhile Bryce got nine staples in his head.

They’re both home recovering now.

Meanwhile, wildlife officials have set up a trap to catch this animal so it doesn’t cause another “otter” disaster.

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