Justin Bieber ringtone saves man during bear attack

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Justin Bieber ringtone saves Russian man from bear attack

YAKUTIA REPUBLIC — Two stories you’ll “bearly Belieb….”

First, (while Beebs is on the brain), a Russian fisherman in the grips of death (courtesy a killer bear launching a vicious attack) may be alive today because of “baby!”  The ringtone reportedly started playing mid-bear-assault and it freaked the giant predator out so much, he took off running!

The victim will recover from the scare. We’re not so sure about the bear.

As for the other story, a video posted on YouTube depicts a confusing scene. What looks like a human in a bear suit walking through a neighborhood in Jefferson Township, New Jersey, is actually a real-deal black bear!

The video, recorded by local residents, shows the big critter walking down the street, checking out someone’s trash and then sauntering back into the woods.

Apparently walking upright isn’t abnormal for bears, particularly if they have hurt paws (which this guy might.)

Guess bears do a lot more than…we thought… in the woods.

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