Montgomery County Texas reminds residents of mosquito-related diseases

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Montgomery County Texas reminds residents about different diseases a mosquito can carry

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX – Want to know what the buzz is all about? It’s all of those blood suckers that have landed in Harris and Montgomery Counties. They not only sting and leave you with an itchy red welt, the little buggers can make you sick three different ways!

That’s right! Unless you’ve been sealed up in a crypt like King Tut, You’ve heard of West Nile. Nine confirmed cases of the disease in Harris County and six in Montgomery County. That’s enough to worry about, but now we’ve got the funky sounding Chikungunya, with one confirmed case in Montgomery County. But what the heck is Dengue? Dr. Mark Escott, Deputy Heath Authority for Montgomery County explains, “Dengue is the most common reason for people returning from Mexico and South America to have a fever when they return. We know it’s coming north, we know it going to be a problem for us in the future and that’s why we have to be vigilant about mosquito control, both from a public health perspective as well as the individual heath perspective.”

That’s why Montgomery health officials have something a up their sleeves, and it’s not a mosquito! They are ground spraying in the county, as well as surveillance and trapping the mosquito. They are also asking the public to do it’s part, by using mosquito spray, bug candles and making sure no standing water is on their property.

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