Pushy commuters tilt subway car to free trapped man

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Pushy commuters tilt subway car to free trapped man

PERTH, AUSTRALIA – Riding a big city subway can be a real trip, in more ways than one.

One happy lass in New York greased herself up for a little “slippy slidey” action, because everyone knows the floors of New York City subway cars are extra clean.

Back in 2010 one guy could have used a little grease when he got his leg wedged between the platform and a NYC subway car. Rescuers needed about a half-hour to get him out.

That brings us to Perth, Australia, where a guy walked onto a subway car, then took a step back.

Bad move, mate.

That’s when he got his leg caught between the platform and the car. But the people of Perth are pushy commuters, in a good way.

Knowing they would be trapped as long as he was stuck, they put their backs into the problem and tilted the car just enough to free the guy’s leg, proving once again that people power really can take it to the man.

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