Russia bans US products while extending Snowden’s stay for three years

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Russia bans US products while extending Snowden’s stay for three years

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – And now it’s time for everybody’s favorite segment: the Russian Roulette Round-Up.

Moo-ve over Mr. Cow. Haven’t you “herd”?

The Russians don’t want you. But it’s not just you.

Russia imposed a one-year ban on beef, pork, fruits and veggies from the US, Canada, Australia, and most European nations.

And, they even cut the cheese. From the import list.

Oh, and let’s not forget US chickens that also went on the chopping block.

This is Russia’s way of telling western nations “It ‘serfs’ you right” for placing economic sanctions on energy, banking and arms deals with the Russians because of the conflicts in the Crimea and Ukraine.

But even though Russians may not have access to western food products this winter, they still love their Putin.

A recent poll shows Vlad the Man enjoying an 87-percent approval rating, and that’s up from his 83 percent rating in May.

Hey, Mr. Obama, don’t get any ideas just because your approval rating is 41 percent. This is the same Putin that that gave asylum to NSA thief Eddie “The Snowman” Snowden.

And now it seems “The Snowman” will be in Russia a little longer. The Russians extended his stay for another three years.

Yeah, they’ll take our thieves but they won’t take our cattle.

And that’s just a lot of bull!

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