Are tax-free weekends really worth the trouble?

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Are tax-free weekends really worth the trouble?

HOUSTON, TX – It’s tax-free weekend and that means school is starting soon. Time to get those precious bundles of loud and messy joy out of the house for another school year.

It’s the 16th year for the shopping gimmick, or frenzy. So, run, don’t walk to the closest participating retailer and fight those overcrowded aisles for the lucky chance to pick up items that are most likely out of stock. Oh, and wait in line for hours just to save 8 cents for every dollar.

Worth it, right?

On shopper says, ” For some people, it is worth it. For me, it’s not.”

Another shopper adds, “It saves a whole lot if, you know, if you are on a low income.”

Get pencils, paper, scissors, and glue. Even clothes, shoes and backpacks are all tax-free. It can really add up because if a shopper spends $100, then they’ll save eight dollars, and who doesn’t like saving money? Of course, you’ll probably spend more than that in gas just looking for a place to park.