Are Texans wins in the numbers?

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JJ Watt

HOUSTON, TX- As Texans fans wait for another season to begin, we here at NewsFix decided to look to the numbers for hope and answers.

Everyone knows football is Texansa game of numbers. Just ask former Texans quarterback Matt Schaub. His days were “numbered” after throwing  four “pick 6s” last season.

To Texans fans, “8” may seem cursed or a number to avoid, but numerologist Diane Gremmel says that should not be the case. “I don’t think there’s any number you want to avoid but there are certain numbers that do better. If you’re going to want to turn around a difficult situation putting that “5” in the game is a smart thing to do. If you need a strategist, that’s 7. If you need someone that’s been there, done that and knows it all pick a 9.”

Now Gremmel’s not talking about the players specifically;  just the numbers and in the world of numbers there are no coincidences.

“I believe the number of a player doesn’t make the player. I think the player makes the number” says fan Robert Francise. Gremmel begs to differ, “Whatever number, whether we choose it or we’re given that number, that’s the number we were meant to have.”  If you’re skeptical, here’s Gremmel’s reading on the number 77.  “There’s going to be something that comes out of the blue sometimes with this person. They’re able to because of the strong mental set that this person has, they’re able to conquer just about any difficulty. 77 is the number of a winner really.”  Coincidently or not, 77 is number of offensive tackle David Quessenberry who is battling lymphoma.

The good news is in 24 hours, we’ll know if this numbers game adds up.