Ever seen a flying pizza?

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Ever seen a flying pizza?

HOUSTON, TX –  One of the best parts of eating out in Houston is all the choices. Seems like you can hardly turn a corner without another international restaurant popping up.

But it wasn’t always that way.

“The cuisine here was mostly barbecue, steaks, baked potato,” explains Antonio Rosa, who moved to Houston in 1971. Welcome to Antonio’s flying pizza.

“When I came here there was only one restaurant that I knew that was called Italian restaurant,” Rosa says, “Tino’s, they opened up at the same time that I did right here on Hillcroft.”

Since 1971, Antonio’s has been serving classic Italian favorites from the same location on Hillcroft. But the story goes back even further, to the tiny village of Pozzallo Sicily. “The reason I came here was, one: to have the liberty and freedom everybody wants and two: the opportunnity I didn’t have in Italy at that time.”

A lot has changed in the 44 years since Antonio opened his doors. The city’s grown up, a slice no longer costs 15 cents, but one thing hasn’t. Chew on This: Antonio’s still does things the old fashioned way, flying the pizzza’s by hand across the room, across the counter, entertaining their guests and living up to their name.

“We used to throw in the dining room originally,” Antonio laughs. “We had a lot of entertainment with this pizza, a lot of mess too, because sometimes they didn’t catch the pizza.”

The good news is that after more than forty years of practice, they tend to catch more than they drop, putting an old-fashioned spin on the idea of saving a lot of dough.