Guy throws house party, 2,000 people show up

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Guy throws house party, 2,000 people show up

HINTON TOWNSHIP, MI – A 20-year-old guy in Michigan is getting a lot of attention after he threw one epic party.

James Taylor said he wanted to throw a birthday party for a friend, and a going away party for himself since he’s moving to California. So he decided to go all out with two DJ’s, a fire thrower, go-go dancers and strippers. A crowd of two thousand people ended up showing up. So how did thousands of party-goers get word of a measly little house party? James says word spread on social media.

But the party wasn’t all fun. Police say there were underage kids and drugs. Six people even overdosed and a 19-year-old girl told the cops she was sexually assaulted.

Police say James and others who helped organize the party could face charges.