Twitter Helps Traveler Find his ‘Lost Love at First Flight’

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Here’s a story about love at first flight.

Irish traveler, 24-yr-old Jamie Kelly, became so smitten by a woman he met on an international flight, he launched a Twitter campaign to find her.

Kelly, and the woman he knew only as Katie, really hit it off on a Ryanair flight from Dublin to Barcelona.

But when the plane landed, airport security separated the lovebirds and Kelly says he lost her.

She wasn’t lost from his mind. With no last name, or number, he and pals took to Twitter, using the hashtags #FindKatie and #LoveatFirstFlight.

His one friend tweeted: “Is your name Katie? Are you from Nova Scotia? Are you traveling around Ireland? Did you recently meet a young lad called Jamie? #findkatie”

The hashtag quickly went viral, and a few of Katie’s friends over in Nova Scotia, Canada, helped Kelly “find her”.

Her name is Katie Moreau and it turns out the 27-yr-old had been looking for him at the airport too.

Now the two love birds have been reunited and went on a proper first date thanks to an Irish radio show. According to the host, Ray D’Arcy the two really seemed to hit it off.

Who knows where their romance will go now. Clearly the sky’s the limit! This story is just “plane” romantic!!

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