Two Houston families file lawsuit against mortuary for botched funerals

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Two Houston families file lawsuit against mortuary for botched funerals

HOUSTON, TX – Losing a loved one is hard enough, but could you imagine having to relive the entire experience?

Two families are filing a suit against the Mabrie Memorial Mortuary, in southwest Houston because they say the funeral home swapped the bodies of their mothers.

81-year-old Edna L. Lawson died July 19 and 89-year-old Pearlie Jean Deason died July 22.

Lawson was supposed to be buried in a plot on top of her husband’s in the VA cemetery, but the funeral home buried Deason’s body on top of Lawson’s husband instead.

What were these people thinking?

What’s even more bizarre is that Lawson’s son told the director of the mortuary that the woman in the casket didn’t look like his mother.

The director told him that they don’t make those type of mistakes.

Apparently, they do.

On July 31st, the funeral home told both families they’d mixed up the bodies.

We asked the Mabrie Memorial Mortuary what they had to say, but they have yet to comment.

No matter how you cut it, this is certainly a grave mistake.