A Pearland oil change that brought sticker shock

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A Pearland oil change that brought sticker shock

PEARLAND, TX – A Pearland woman took her car in for repairs and an oil change,  but Ladonna Lathan got a whole lot more than she bargained for at Auto Max in Pearland.
She didn’t realize the sticker shock until several weeks later,  “I noticed the sticker, I was shocked, I mean completely shocked!’
What did it say you ask?
“I can`t say that on camera.” exclaimed Latham

Okay, we`ll help Ladonna out a bit.
Besides the expected mileage and date, it read, “‘Please never come again. We enjoyed F***ing you in the A**”

Auto max`s owner, Max Manoochehri, says a former employee is to blame, “He quit and I guess that`s what he had planned or whatever, I don`t know, but it was just unbelievable.”
Latham wasn’t the only one,  as several other customers also found the bizarre message on their windshields.
But Ladonna says she just wanted an explanation when she called, “He wasn`t very apologetic and that maybe I was kind of bothering him.”
Manoochehri replied, “I expressed my apology because she had all the right to be upset and as I said I apologized many, many times.”
It seems one rogue ‘former’ employee victimized both boss and customers.

Manoochehri says, “For any of my customers, anything I can do, I will do, because I believe without my customers my entrance doors will be closed.”

For Latham, this message on her SUV really revved her motor.

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