App gives students ‘One Jump’ in the right direction

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App gives students ‘One Jump’ in the right direction

HOUSTON, TX – Technology helps us all, and it’s helping students get a ‘jump’ start on college.
The website and app ‘One Jump’ gives under-served students from low-income communities access to a database of activities that interests them, and helps them find scholarships and internships.

Through ‘Teach for America,’ and a good idea, Karthik Soora is connecting college students from diverse backgrounds with high school students, who may be on the fence about college.

His idea of One Jump sparked inspiration alright.  Rice University’s Owl Spark program decided to have the idea jump aboard its summer program.

“We offer a 12 week program during the summer that allows the students to have an enriched experiential learning opportunity to come in and put those innovative ideas into practice,” says managing director, Kerri Smith.

One Jump founder, Karthik Soora says, “we’ve been working at Rice University Owl Spark on our idea of One Jump to help turn our idea into a reality that will change the lives of thousands of students.”

Michael Gonzalez is one of those students whose life is changing because of One Jump and the Owl Spark program.

Gonzalez says, “I have more than enough scholarships for my room and board and tuition, I’m going to be receiving refund checks while I’m in college and I’m planning on lowering my cost of living, so I can afford to buy my brother a headstone.”  “The way we know where his grave is, we have to count 15 steps from a water fountain,” he adds.
The University of Houston’s Red Labs is teaming up with Rice’s Owl Spark to launch ideas like One Jump.

If you want to pitch in and help Houston students, jump over to the links below to find out how you can get involved.