Community riots after 18-year old shot and killed by police in Missouri

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Community riots after 18-yearr old shot and killed by police in Missouri

FERGUSON, MO – It was a weekend of high emotions and violence in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, after an African American teen was shot and killed by a police officer.

Officials say there was some sort of confrontation between18-year-old Michael Brown and the officer, which quickly escalated and led to the shooting.

What has the community even more outraged is that police say Brown was unarmed.

Thousands gathered for a candlelight vigil for Brown, but things took a turn for the worst.

Protesters smashed into cars and looted stores they had broken into.

One store was even set on fire.

It took hundreds of police officers to calm the rioting.

Now, the community wants answers.

The FBI and police have launched an investigation and the officer was placed on paid administrative leave.

The family has, also, hired Civil Rights attorney, Benjamin Crump, the same attorney that represented Trayvon Martin’s family.

For now, all this community can do is wait to see what answers, if any, will come from all this chaos.