Donald Trump wants his name off two Atlantic City casinos

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Donald Trump wants his name off two Atlantic City casinos

ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY – Some people will do just about anything for attention.

Last week, Donald Trump made headlines after he posted a tweet to keep Ebola patients out of the U.S.

This week, he’s still trying to stay relevant.

Despite liking to see his name on stuff, believe it or not, he’s actually trying to take his name off something.

The Donald is suing to have his name stripped from two Atlantic City casinos — the Trump Plaza and the Trump Taj Mahal.

Trump used to run the casinos back in the 80s and 90s, but he sold his stake in 2009.

Now he’s saying the casinos are no longer good enough to bear his name because they don’t live up to the “superior reputation” of the trump name.

Looks like they’ve been trumped out.