Houston sports fans rank as sixth most miserable

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Houston sports fans rank sixth most miserable

HOUSTON, TX –  Misery loves company, especially when it comes to sports.

Forbes has announced its 2014 list of most miserable sports cities and of course, Houston is on the list. Maybe the only surprise is: there are 5 cities where sports fans are supposedly more miserable than us.

The Top 10 most miserable sports cities are:

1)  Atlanta

2)  Phoenix

3)  Cleveland

4)  San Diego

5)  Buffalo

6)  Houston

7)  Denver

8)  Kansas City

9)  Minneapolis

10) Philadelphia

To “amass” these rankings Forbes measured the broken hearts, tears and anguish of the sports “masses” that follow pro football, basketball, baseball and hockey championships.  Apparently, pro soccer doesn’t count. Ain’t that a kick?

To get off this “miserable list” we just need to win a championship.  Unfortunately, there’s just no telling when one of these Houston teams will put us out of our misery.