Introducing the SexFit, a Pedometer for the Bedroom

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Seems as though everyone is tracking every step they take with a FitBit and posting it on social media.

Well, why not track every thrust you make?! FitBit’s just got a whole lot sexier!

Introducing the “SexFit”, a vibrating ring by the UK-based company Bondara that not only increases pleasure while simultaneously tracking your x-rated fitness. Talk about pushing you to the limit!

The SexFit, which was just announced by the company, syncs with a free smart phone app that provides users with information about calories burnt during intercourse and thrusts per minute.

Oh and the fun doesn’t stop there. According to Bondara’s press release: “Much like other similar fitness tracker innovations, the SexFit allows the most dedicated users to share and compare their favorite sessions and impressive individual milestones with their peers on social media.”

Just because we don’t over-share enough already!!

Don’t get all excited, yet. The SexFit is still just a prototype so you’ll have to wait until product testing finishes to get your hands on one, or, in this case, your “Paul” in one.

I just can’t wait! And they come in different colors. I think I’ll get myself a FitBit and my man can wear his SexFit and we can tag team. Kind of like a relay and push ourselves OOOOver the limit. Then compare with our friends on Facebook.

Seriously people?! I’m really having a hard time, getting my head around this concept. Why not focus on pleasing your partner not bragging about how many thrusts per minute you put out. So not romantic. I’m not a fan of this SexFit one bit!

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.