Stoner’s guide to the internet

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Stoner’s guide to the internet

HOUSTON, TX – Doesn’t it seem like since weed has gone mainstream, the whole bud business has changed? Since the sticky-icky’s become available to the masses, so has the need for information about it, which is why we’re ‘puff-puff-passing’ along to you,  “The Stoner’s Guide to the Internet.”

As the marijuana industry’s budding in popularity, we’re finding there’s an app for just about anything you’d need for weed.

Take Eaze for example. Kinda like Uber, for pot! Eaze is the first tech-powered marijuana delivery service which aims to improve the speed and convenience with which medical marijuana users get their medicines.

Then there’s Leafly, like Yelp for weed. The cannabis community breaks down 800-strands based on effect, flavor and medical use.

Considering nothing’s more dangerous than a pothead trying to find their way to someplace new, look no further than WeedMaps. It’s like Google Maps for pot hot-spots.

Massroots, the official social networking site for selfie-loving-stoners, provides a place to share your picture perfect pot.

Encycloweedia can be used by anyone who may have forgotten those marijuana terms from their college days. StonerSingles is like

We can’t forget iRollupFriends, similar to the popular game Words With Friends, but for joint rolling.

Until the folks who make apps find a way to weed out Candy Crush, stoners will just have to attack the dessert-tray at night’s end. Like that’s a stretch!