Tow truck companies sue Sugar Land

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Tow truck companies sue Sugar Land

SUGAR LAND, TX – Getting towed is a pretty bad feeling. Now some tow truck company owners in Sugar Land are the ones at a loss. It has to do with the way their contracts with the city were dumped, and then they say preferential treatment was given to other companies instead.

“It’s become obvious to us that there are relationships amongst some of the decision makers in the city of Sugar Land Police Department and successful applicants,” says attorney Leeland Irwin.

John Elias, owner of Collision Clinic, says he’s held a contract with the city for almost 20 years.

“I have seven tow trucks dedicated to the city of Sugar Land… I just recently had to sell three of them and I lost some of my employees,” Elias says, after having lost his city contract earlier this year.

For their part, the Sugar Land Police Department says it had “identified problems with its wrecker truck rotation that included tow trucks not on the contract arriving at accident scenes claiming they were sent by one of Sugar Land’s contracted companies.”  Long story short, they had to make some changes to fix problems with the system.

A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the tow companies.