Lying on your resume? You’re not alone

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Lying on your resume? You’re not alone

HOUSTON, TEXAS – Applying for a job?  Unless you’re running for office, you’re in big trouble.  Sixty-percent of hiring managers interviewed for Careerbuilder complain about the amount of lies and embellishments job seekers tend to include on their resumes.

“They will put down that they have knowledge of a particular skill,” explained Marsha Murray, President of Murray Resources, Ltd., “but with further questioning we find out that they really don’t.”

Some people lie about their skills, their past responsibilities, dates of employment, job titles, academic degrees, companies they worked for and, of course, awards.  Nowadays, everybody’s an award-winning something.

“When you show somebody who you are, they’re going to believe you,” said Murray.

“So, if somebody is going to falsify their application, then that shows me they’re not a trustworthy and honest employee and I don’t want them in my organization.”