NYPD: Call us if you’re pestered by a superhero

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New York cops: Call us if you’re pestered by a superhero

NEW YORK, NY –  You know the drill from Crime Stoppers: If you see something, say something.

But what if that something is a superhero hitting you up for money in Times Square?

Things have gotten so out of hand with Gotham’s superheroes that police put up fliers saying to call the cops if a costume character pesters you to pay for a free photo.

This follows the arrest of a Spiderman who hit a cop for telling a customer that he didn’t have to tip Spidey.

Now the city council wants to license the characters.

New York cops have nabbed a Captain America, a Toy Story Jessie, and another Spiderman for panhandling, or as the superheroes probably put it, asking for tips.

But what we want to know is where the Naked Black Cowboy puts his tips?

On second thought, maybe we don’t want to know.