Woman has mental breakdown after spending too much time on Twitter

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Woman has mental breakdown after spending too much time on Twitter

BERLIN, GERMANY – Pope Francis has more than 4 million followers for his English-language Twitter account, but he recently told German altar servers not to waste their time on Twitter, the internet, and television.

No word if he followed it up with a tweet. That would be crazy.

And speaking of crazy, a 31-year-old woman may have gone crazy because of Twitter.

Researchers in Germany are reporting on a woman known as “Mrs. C” who spent several hours a day tweeting.

Sometimes she didn’t sleep or eat so she could tweet.

Apparently the first sign “Mrs. C” was going tweety was when she thought a famous actor was sending her secret codes on Twitter.

Then she started seeing hash tags everywhere she went in the real world. After a while, the woman started getting paranoid, believing that a secret organization was communicating with her through twitter symbols.

But don’t worry, the researchers say twitter won’t make you go crazy unless you’re already heading that way.