Woman poses for photo with stolen credit card

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Woman poses for photo with stolen credit card

OCALA, FL –  Police are looking the smiling woman who posed with a stolen credit card in a photo taken by an alert Ocala, Florida store clerk.

The beauty store clerk says she comes in the store all the time, but he became suspicious when the patron didn’t have a matching driver’s license to go with the credit card. So he asked to take her picture.

“I thought that would scare her into saying I don’t want this anymore but she you saw the picture she smiled for it,” says Abdel Kasem.

Meanwhile, the stolen credit card’s 74-year-old owner is not smiling.

She’s also confused because she says the woman who stole her wallet at the Walmart a month ago was white.

So now police are hoping the picture, which quickly spread on social media, will help lead them to a possible accomplice.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words and hopefully in this case a couple of arrests.