Flood waters leave dozens stranded across 3 states

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Flood waters leave dozens stranded across 3 states

DETROIT, MI – When it rains, it pours, and when it keeps pouring, it floods.

Folks in three states are trying to keep their heads above water after some bad rainfall.

Michigan, New York, and Arizona, were hit with major flooding.

In Detroit, flood waters left drivers stranded.

“Items were floating in the restaurant and it was very terrifying. That’s when we panicked when we had to sit on the tables and put our feet on the chairs,” a lady said after being stuck in a restaurant.

In New York, a few road blocks didn’t stop some drivers. They just drove through it.

Phoenix got it bad, too. Power outages and traffic lights were down. Several people had to be rescued from their cars, and one man was taken to the hospital.

On the upside, maybe this soggy situation was a good reason to stay home from work.

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