Giant snake to blame for missing cats in Florida neighborhood

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Giant snake to blame for missing cats in Florida neighborhood

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL – Some of you know the feeling when your cat or dog goes missing. Residents of a neighborhood in Port Saint Lucie, Florida have a clue of why their cats haven’t come home.

“Oh my God! That’s on our street!?,” one lady said after seeing a photo of the giant snake.

Cops caught a 12 foot Burmese python while it was strangling a cat in the bushes.  The snake may be responsible for other missing felines from the neighborhood.  The giant snake weighs about 120 pounds.

“It’s all muscle. That’s 100% muscle,” said Sgt. John Holman of the Port St. Luice Police Department.

The state doesn’t exactly pull out a welcome mat for pythons.  The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission prohibits owning them for use as pets.  Cops say the snake belonged to a person who lives in the area. A snake this size might kill something bigger than cats.

Sgt. Holman further warned, “in the middle of a neighborhood, absolutely. Small dogs, children.”

Takes a pretty snaky owner to let a pet like that one out on the streets.

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