San Francisco strip joints hold job fair

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – First the good news from the Department of Labor, and by labor we don’t mean pregnancy. We mean the people who tell us who’s working and who’s not.

The head counters at Labor tell us that the number of job openings across the economy hit 4.7 million in June. That’s a 13-year high. Good news!

But the US Conference of Mayors says average wages have dropped 23 percent over the last five years. Bad news!

The economy’s good news is bad news for folks looking for people to dance naked for a living.

Ten San Francisco strip joints came together to look for potential employees.

They need managers, hosts, bartenders, cashiers, and, uh, you know, entertainers.

And if you are interested in being an “entertainer”, you apparently don’t need experience to apply, just the ability to move currency from someone’s hand to your G-string.

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