West Nile Virus becoming a concern in Montgomery County

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West Nile Virus becoming a concern in Montgomery County

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX – Most of the time, itching is the worst of your worries unless it happens to be a skeet carrying the West Nile Virus. Most with healthy immune systems don’t have too much to worry about.

However, since an 80-year old man in Montgomery County died, Precinct 3 County Commissioner, James Noack, figured it was worth reviewing exactly what measures the county was taking to keep its residents safe.

Commissioner Noack says, “…to date, [the county’s] had eight reported cases of West Nile Virus… and one reported death.” So, in addition to the precautions the county has already taken, Montgomery County will being aerial spraying for mosquitoes.

Director of Public Health for Montgomery County, Dr. Mark Escott, says it’s worthwhile for residents to take precautions of their own, like spraying their own yards, or contacting a company for mosquito abatement, if there’s a need.

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