Galveston County has a new playground for seniors

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LA MARQUE, TX - Hey kids, guess who's joining you at the park?  Galveston County opened a new senior playground at Carbide Park.  The first of its kind in Texas.

"This is a great moment for our seniors." says Galveston County Commissioner Stephen Holmes.  "We think this is going to be a wonderful addition to our park."

The playground can be used for focused training on balance and coordination.  It looked as if the seniors who tried the different components had a good time.

Dorothy Davis says, "It's good for the seniors to try to come out and relax."

Beth Stinson adds, "I think this playground is great. I hope people will take advantage of it."

A beautiful day at the park.  When the spirit is joyful, even the good old memories come out to play:

"We played baseball right here."  recalls 90-year-old Bertha.  "My best memory is when I hit two home runs."

Fitness steps, ramps, a stretching board give seniors a new place to exercise and perhaps meet new people.

"This playground is designed and built specifically for seniors,"  explained Galveston County Judge Mark Henry.  "There is no equipment that is really dangerous.  We understand the limit in mobility some seniors have.   And this park, because of its designers, is geared around that concept."

So, keep on moving folks. Because when it comes to live life at its fullest, no matter what the age is, the sky is the limit.

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