1962 Ferarri GTO goes for $38 million at auction

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CARMEL, CA – This is about as close any of us will get to a classic 1962 Ferrari GTO, like the one Tom Cruise drove in the film Vanilla Sky.

But someone picked up this beauty at an auction at Bonhams in Carmel, CA, for a cool 38-million bucks, making it the most expensive car ever purchased at an auction.

A similar one went for 52-million dollars in a private purchase last year.

The cash guzzling Ferrari even comes with its own tragic history. It is the only Ferrari GTO involved in a fatal crash. That was during a race in France in 1962.

So, if classic sports cars don’t rev your engine, just what could you do with your $38 million?

Well, a Chevy Spark will set you back a little more than 12-grand.

So you could pick up some for yourself and 31-hundred of your closest friends, and have a little something left over for some shoes and a purse.