7 arrested for violating curfew in Ferguson

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FERGUSON, MO - Mo' problems in Ferguson, Missouri, but not like we've seen in the last week.
Protesters were told to go home for their own safety Saturday night.
Governor, Jay Nixon stated "after hours of peaceful protesting, small groups took to the streets with the intent of committing crimes and endangering citizens.  That is unacceptable."
It was the first night of a mandatory curfew governor Nixon imposed to keep the city streets safe.

"You must disperse immediately. You are in violation of the state imposed curfew," police shouted over an intercom system to violators.

Seven people were arrested and 1 was shot, but cops say it wasn't all in response to the newly imposed check-in time.
Police say the one person who was shot is now fighting for their life.  This is why cops say they had to use smoke canisters to clear a crowd of those violating curfew.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson says, "the response was not related to the enforcement of the curfew."

However, protesters are getting some kind of response.
U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder authorized a second autopsy on Michael Brown, and they're not leaving it up to local law enforcement.  A federal medical examiner will be in charge this time.
The city isn't alone in their mounting problems.  After officer Darren Wilson was identified as the cop who fatally shot Brown, a photo believed to be Wilson receiving a police award before the shooting, surfaced on Facebook. Cops have not confirmed or commented on the photo.
Either way, can't imagine anyone in a Ferguson police uniform is getting many "likes" these days.