Alleged burglar of Theresa Roemer’s home claims items are fake

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THE WOODLANDS, TX - Being rich and famous can come with an expensive price.

Remember Theresa Roemer?  She's the owner of the mansion in The Woodlands, who showed off her closet's bling-bling on national television.  A few weeks later, someone broke into her house and stole the goods.
A man claiming to be the burglar, called the Houston Press from a 917 area code, and he's making an even bigger claim.

"All the items that were taken, were fake.  Every single item that she had is fake."

Fake? Talk about adding insult to injury; having your stuff stolen then being called a fraud?
Roemer's publicist confirmed that Theresa was contacted by the burglar.  He allegedly asked for a half-million dollars to keep silent about the items' worthless value.

"Give me an address.  I will send you sample items of hers."

A package was sent to the Houston Press, who turned it in to Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.
So far, there's no way to tell if the items are real or not. However, in the package, along with a watch and a piece of jewelry, was  a sentimental item Roemer said was missing from her closet.  That item was a silver heart-shaped locket containing a lock of hair, said to be from her deceased son.
Whether real or fake, the whole story sounds like a fashion statement.

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