Amid protest, Katy ISD to vote on $750 million bond plan

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KATY, TX - For the second year in a row, a fancy new stadium in the Katy Independent School District hangs in the balance.

The school board is holding a meeting to decide whether a nearly $750 million bond proposal will be added to the November ballot.

Voters rejected a similar bond last November. The point of contention?

Funding for the new stadium is wrapped up with funding for new schools, causing some to feel their vote is being held hostage. If they want the new schools, they have to vote for the pricey new football digs, too.

This year's proposal reduced the cost of the stadium from $69 million to $58 million, but  many say that's not enough.

They want the school board to make funding the stadium a totally separate vote.

Of course the stadium has plenty of supporters who think it's an integral part of keeping up with Katy's fast-growing student body.

"We're trying to stay ahead of the curve which means we're going to have to build schools and facilities to support the growth in Katy," resident Malcolm Junior said.

With about 3,000 new students each year, one thing everyone can agree on? The city of Katy is booming.

Now the question is, how should the school board keep up?

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