Helpful interview tips: What not to say

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HOUSTON, TX - Never let your tongue be faster than your brain.  Obvious as it sounds, that's tip number one for your upcoming job interview.

Houston's economy is booming and maybe it's time for you to move on to your next gig.  So, dust off your resume and fill it with positive statements about yourself, your expertise and your career goals.  But beware smooth-talker because when it comes to interviews, some phrases are a "no, no".   Here's a number of tips, courtesy of folks working in downtown Houston:

1) "Never, ever talk negatively about a past employer," says Greg Malivers.

2) "You should not ask about compensation. That's something that would be given to you once you've completed the interview," adds Crystal.

3) "When asked the question about your weaknesses and people answer that you're just too hard of a worker," explains Alex Wilkins.

4) "Never say you don't have experience." says Brooke Shingleton.

5) "I got fired for being dishonest, but I've changed," adds John Cottle.

Amazing wisdom, and of course, you also have to think about  body-language.  Be careful how you walk the walk, because even your shoes can some times talk the talk.

"Be confident," explains Malivers.  "Stand upright.  You definitely want to walk in there like, you know... you got to remember that you're interviewing the company just as much as they're interviewing you."


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