Julian Assange says he’s leaving Ecuadorian embassy

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LONDON, ENGLAND - After two years, it seems like Julian Assange is getting a case of cabin fever. The WikiLeaks founder says he's packin' up and leaving the Ecuadorian embassy in London soon.

Just how soon? Well, no one really knows. Details are all up in the air, but rumor has it that it could be for medical reasons.

Assange suggests otherwise saying, "I am leaving the embassy soon, but perhaps not for the reasons the Murdoch Press and Sky News are saying at the moment."

The 43-year-old Australian Activist went to London under political asylum because he was trying to avoid being sent back to Sweden.

Over there, he's accused of rape and sexual assault which are allegations he says that are politically motivated.

"It is often falsely reported that women in Sweden have accused me of the serious crime of rape. That is false," Assange said.

Even though he hasn't been charged with anything, getting out of London might not be so easy.

British police aren't letting him go anywhere and the Swedish prosecutor's office thinks Assange could be arrested if he did.

Looks like Assange might have to make himself at home a little while longer.

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