No mug shot or fingerprinting for Texas Governor Perry, for now

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AUSTIN, TX – For people waiting to see Rick Perry go from combative Texas governor to contrite Travis County inmate will have to wait a little longer, if ever.

Folks expected Perry to end up in the Travis County jail for his mug shot and fingerprinting after his indictments last week.

These members of a Travis County grand jury said the governor abused his power on two occasions by threatening to veto state funding for the Travis County district attorney’s public integrity unit if DA Rosemary Lemberg didn’t resign after her DWI conviction.

She didn’t, so he did.

Deputies videotaped Lemberg’s arrest and booking last year after she became abusive to officers at the jail. She later served time for driving with an alcohol level 3 times the legal limit.

Judge Bert Richardson says he will issue a summons after Perry’s attorney and the DA’s office set a date for him to show up in court.

Republicans and Democrats say Perry’s actions are just part and parcel of Texas politics, but at the same time, they know there’s the chance that grand jury members know more than they’re saying, and jail time is not how the state’s longest serving governor would want to ride off into his political sunset.

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