Woman attempting to sing national anthem in all 50 states

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LOUISVILLE, KY -  Janine Stang is attempting to sing the national anthem in all 50 states in honor of the Star Spangled Banner's 200th birthday in September.

Stang says,  "I said nobody has sung the National Anthem in all 50 states."

When the New York native realized the Star Spangled banner was turning 200 in September,  she picked things up by  singing in 5 to 6 states a month.
Pulling it off, though, has been a challenge.

Stang says, "A lot of phone calls, a lot of phone calls. A lot of looking online to see well this state, this city, and this state is pretty close to this one, so this could work if I flew in and drove to the other state, so it's a lot of logistics."

Stang is close to pulling it off since she is at 48 states at the moment. Stang says, "So it's been an American effort, a lot of people have come together to help me out, I'm grateful to be able to do this."

Stang's journey ends September 14 at the celebration at Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland, the place where the anthem was written.


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