India brides leave husbands because of no toilets

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UTTA PRADESH, INDIA - When it comes to finding a husband in India, nothing says love more than a loo. That's why six newlywed woman in northern India recently walked out on their hubby's because the men didn't have a commode in their house. Nearly half of India's 1.2 billion people have no bowls at home, and now women are finally fed up with popping squats out in a field. Guess when you gotta go (and it's outdoors) ya gotta "go!"

The brides cite the lack of dignity when defecating outdoors as a primary motivator for their departures. Also having to wait for darkness for the sake of privacy makes them vulnerable to violent crime. Who can blame them for poo pooing the idea?

All the bathroom-less brides reportedly moved back to their parents homes (which were already equipped with working sanitation) until their grooms got their act together and built them a toilet. women in India might not be looking to marry a king, but at least he should have to provide them a proper throne.

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