Johnny Football to warm the Browns bench for season opener

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CLEVELAND, OH – It’s good to be number one.

And, for a while, it looked like Aggie and Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Football was going to be Numero Uno with the Cleveland Browns.

But then came that little finger job during Cleveland’s televised pre-season game against Washington.

The Brown’s didn’t say they gave Manziel the starting boot because of the finger, just that that Cleveland-area native Brian Hoyer will be the starting QB for the season opener on September 7 against Pittsburg because of his leadership and experience.

Manziel never had a lock on the starting job, but coaches said he’s come a long way in learning the brown’s office during the short pre-season.

In the end, it looks like the Browns went with experience and, possibly maturity.

Giving someone the finger may be okay if you’re a doctor who’s trained in in such things, but maybe not if you’re a rookie quarterback trying to win a starting job, and the respect of your team and coaches.

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