Wheelchair-accessible van stolen from Houston minister

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HOUSTON - Ann Koosis had polio as a child and has been in a wheelchair ever since. The Jehovah’s Witness minister says she's used to sharing good news. But she got some bad news this week. Her wheelchair-accessible van was stolen.

For as disappointing as it was to Ann, it hit her friend who had borrowed it even harder.

“Yes it hurts and upsets me terribly,” says Evelyn Berger.

Berger says Ann had lent her the car to bring home groceries late at night. When she went outside the next morning, it was gone.

“It just breaks my heart that it happened to my friend and I’m part of the victimized incident,” said Berger in tears.

They say there are not any leads in the case so far, but the ladies hope that someone will come forward.

“I know I can survive without it, it just puts a damper,” says Koosis.

Still, no matter what, they're going to keep on chugging.

“I know that when changes come, you just have to roll with the flow and keep going. That's what I do,” she says.

Amen to that, sister.

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