Alabama Sorority Girl Kicked Out For Racist Snapchat

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University of Alabama ‘s Chi Omega chapter gave one sorority sister the boot after she posted something extremely racist on Snapchat on bid day.

Total Frat Move showed the image which pictured three girls taking a selfie and reads "Chi O got NO n----s!!!!!" followed by a few stereotypical college-girl emojis.

At first, people claimed the Snapchat was photoshopped but the official Chi Omega Facebook made a statement on the scandal, saying, "The woman who took the photo is no longer a member of the chapter."

Judy Bonner, the University's president, sent out a school-wide email saying, "We are all extremely disappointed when any student uses language that is disrespectful or offensive to any segment of the UA community."

The school has also launched an investigation.

Not only is the Snapchat offensive it’s not accurate. According to Panhellenic records, "21 black women and 169 women who identified as members of other racial minorities ran alongside their new sisters on Bid Day.” Out of those 21 black women, two allegedly pledged Chi Omega.

That’s actually a big number considering last year, four sororities allegedly blocked the bids of well-qualified African-American students.

If you look on Chi Omega’s Facebook page its founding purposes are:

  • Friendship
  • Personal integrity
  • Service to others
  • Academic excellence and intellectual pursuits
  • Community & campus involvement
  • Personal & career development

Seems as though this chapter is lacking quite a few of those qualities. As a sorority girl myself, I have to say this story makes me sick and gives sorority girls a bad name. Sororities are supposed to empower women through a strong bond and sisterhood. Not segregate women. All I can say is when it comes to University of Alabama Chi Omega’s, I say Chi – NO!

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