Authors say pilot shut off oxygen of missing Malaysian Airlines flight

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WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND – If you thought you heard all of the possible reasons for the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, well then, you thought wrong.

Investigative reporter Geoff Taylor and commercial pilot Ewan Wilson say they know what happened.

They say the pilot shut off the oxygen, suffocating everyone, before ditching the plane into the sea.

They make their claims in their book: "The Truth Behind the Loss of MH 370."

An international search in the Indian Ocean has turned up nothing, and the authors say they’re not surprised. They believe the pilot made a controlled landing on the water and let the plane sink without breaking up.

All of the passengers and crew were dead by then, they say. It’s their belief that the pilot depressurized the cabin about four hours before the plane disappeared beneath the waves.

The passengers would have died within 30 minutes after losing oxygen.

While that may explain how it happened, it still leaves the big question we may never know which is why?

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