HLSR and Houston Texans release survey on dome debacle

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HOUSTON, TX -The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and the Houston Texans figured it was time to get a few more opinions.

In one corner, the plan to use public and private funds to replace the big dome, with a cute little baby dome, in the middle of a Discovery Green-like park area.

In the other corner, nothing.  Leaving the dome alone until a more viable plan comes along.

University of Houston and Rice University did the polling, asking adults in Harris County which side they were on.

It wasn't a knockout, but just over 65% of adults support the green space, with just under 35% wanting to wait and see.

Judge Ed Emmett made a statement on the survey.

“This so-called ‘survey’ was designed to achieve a certain result. I don't understand why the rodeo is fixated on tearing down a landmark that doesn't belong to them.”

The judge said he thought he and the rodeo were on the same page, ready to work together on a solution to re-purpose the dome.

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