Houston’s Third Ward residents may soon have relief from a toxic situation

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HOUSTON, TX - "The toxic smell is so hazardous to us. We can`t breathe. We can`t do anything. It makes us sick." explains Judy, a resident of Houston's Third Ward.

Folks in the area have been living next to an abandoned chemical recycling facility for years, but the chemicals are still there and they stink. Stuff like benzene, cresols, and whatever trichlorophenol is, to name a few.

After a long, fuming battle with local and federal agencies, with the help of Texas Organization Project (TOP), there's finally some good news for their noses.

"The EPA, TCEQ and the City of Houston will dispose of the dangerous chemicals at this facility. And we expect to see them here every day until every last drop of danger has been soaked up and eliminated." announced Rosalyn Johnson, a TOP activist and resident of the neighborhood.
But, many aren`t holding their breath in hopes of fresh air.

Kim Sadberry says, "I won`t believe it until I see it done."

Charles Jones adds, "I want them to clean it up correctly. Don`t just put icing over the cake and think that we don`t know it`s still a hazard over there."



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