Peaceful night In Ferguson, Missouri raises hopes

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FERGUSON, MO - Things could be looking up in Ferguson, Missouri as crowds seem to be calming down for the first time since Michael Brown was shot and killed 12 days ago on August 9.

Captain Ron Johnson, of the MO State Highway Patrol, said in a press conference there were no, "...Molotov cocktails tonight; no fires; no shootings."

Thursday afternoon, Missouri governor Jay Nixon ordered the National Guard to begin withdrawing from Ferguson.

Make no mistake, however, citizens and police in the area are still on edge. Video surfaced from Wednesday night showing a clearly heated St. Ann Police Officer pointing his gun at unarmed protesters. That officer's been suspended indefinitely.

A pretty good move, considering the release of a shocking and graphic cell phone video out of St. Louis. It shows officers shooting 25-year old Kajieme Powell. Video clearly shows Powell pacing the street with something (police reports say it's a knife) in his hand, asking police to shoot him. Police do just that. Less than 20 seconds after police arrive on the scene, Powell was shot and killed.

The St. Louis Police Chief defended their actions, saying "In a lethal situation, they used lethal force."

Problem is, the initial police report says Powell was holding the knife "in an overhand grip."

However, the video clearly shows Powell's hands at his side. The two officers involved are now on desk duty, as per department policy.

Some say the police department released the video in order to do some damage control, but it may very well end up backfiring.

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