Governor Perry says border security is an obligation, not an option

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WASHINGTON, DC – Texas Governor Rick Perry took a big stride in his possible repeat run for the White House with a speech to The Heritage Foundation, and to no surprise, border security was a main topic.

Perry said the defense of the border is a constitutional obligation, not a political option.

“And until the federal government meets that duty and secures that border, all talk of immigration reform is pointless because Washington has no credibility on the matter.”

And speaking of credibility, the governor started the day by talking about his indictment by a Travis County grand jury because he vetoed state funding for the public integrity unit of District Attorney Rosemary Lemberg when she refused his “suggestion” that she resign after her arrest and conviction for drunk driving.

And that’s where the political finger-pointing and name calling begins.

Lemberg and the grand jury say Perry abused his power by trying to get her to quit.

Perry’s people say it’s political payback for following through on his threat.

But hey, don’t parents do similar stuff with their kids all the time?

If threats are good enough to keep our kids in line, why should our politicians be any different?

Oh, and one more thing. Don’t lose any sleep over whether taxpayers are on the hook for Perry’s legal fees. The governor’s office says he’ll tap into his campaign account, unless someone thinks that’s illegal, too.

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