Compton school district cops may carry AR-15 assault rifles

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LOS ANGELES, CA - Guns, schools,  and education are hot topics especially when you combine all three.
The motto in California's Compton School District is 'dedicated to safe education.'
The school cops there may have a new layer of protection to do their jobs.  AR-15s to be exact.
Will schools be any safer because cops carry assault rifles in patrol car trunks?  Some parents certainly don't think so.  Parents claim they weren't even informed about the school board's proposal.

"If this happens, we're going to have the same thing going on.  We're gonna have the Compton School Police killing innocent people," says Dimitri Bruton, a parent.

Maria Camarena, also a parent adds, "Our kids our not criminals.  We already have that stigma of Compton, and doing this would even make it worse."

The school police officer's association says, cops will be prepared if a mass murderer comes on campus with a similar weapon, wearing body armor.   Of course, not everyone agrees with the idea.  The NAACP is aiming to have the weapons banned.

Paulette Simpson-Gipson, of the NAACP says, "We have one board member Mae Thomas, she's asking the board to resend their vote.  Because you have a board member asking to resend it, we're asking all the rest of the board to resend their vote."

Some feel school funds should be spent on other things like hiring more staff and cleaning up the bathrooms.  Those things are important, too.  However, if cops can't protect the school, then what?