Elderly Connecticut woman mistakes rabid raccoon for cat and gets attacked

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HAMDEN, CT - Maybe she didn't recognize it because of the mask? An elderly Connecticut woman was mauled by a rabid raccoon, after she accidentally confused the furry wild animal with her house cat. In a scenario that sounds a lot like an ad for eyeglasses, an 88-year-old woman going by the name "Betty", found out the hard way that you should never mistake a 'coon for a cat!

Betty didn't want to show her wounded face on camera, but recalled the night when she opened up the backdoor for her pet cat, only to also unknowingly let in an unwanted guest. Thinking the crazy 'coon was her beloved kitty cat, Betty attempted to pet the gate-crashing creature, only to have it clamp onto the senior citizens head!

The feisty little old octogenarian fought back, calling 9-11 after finally getting the invading varmint off of her.
Betty was treated for rabies at the hospital, patched-up and sent home to recoup. The raccoon on the other hand, was euthanized. There's also no word on whether Betty will be getting new glasses after this horrible ordeal, but for her sake we hope so.