Guardian ‘Angel’ prays for students at New Orleans area bus stops

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MARRERO, LA - Angel Nicholas seems to be living up to her name.   She's like a guardian angel, helping kids at New Orleans area bus stops on their way to school.

"We got church going to go on out here, today.  Bus stop church.  Come on bus stop church, you guys are taking too long lets make our circle. Okay, bow your heads," Angel says as she instructs the students.

Ms. Angel's non-profit community group, 'Royal Kings and Royal Queens', leads students in prayer before they board the bus.  So why the bus stop?  Ms. Angel says it's the place where she lost her way in life, and is doing her part to help kids take a different route.

"Drugs and alcohol took over my life. Ten solid years of my life, just went away.  If the bus was coming I would try to sneak and go to the store and a lot of times I didn't even make it back to the bus stop; cause nobody was ever there," Angel recalls.

Team 'Go Ye!' gives the students school supplies, snacks, and even a reward when they bring home good grades.

"Oh wow, yes, yes, yes, we've got something for you," Angel tells a student, after being shown some schoolwork.

A young man volunteering with team 'Go Ye!' explains, "me and my friends, we grew up watching my brothers was gang banging.  When my niece and nephew grow up, they going to grow up 10 times better because we put ten times more into this community."

The Proverb says, train up a child in the way he should go.  Ms. Angel has certainly gone the extra mile for these kids.