Houston police chief seeking funding for police body cameras

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HOUSTON, TX  - Do you always feel like somebody's watching you? You should! Because let's face it, cameras are everywhere. But if a camera's purpose is to offer some sort of protection, wouldn't it make sense to put cameras on those paid to protect and serve us?

That's the idea Houston police chief Charles McClelland is asking. He's requested $8 million from Houston City Hall to equip 3,500 police officers with small body cameras. Sure patrol cars have dashboard cams, but McClelland thinks having cameras on officers would leave little room for confusion on patrol situations, especially encounters between cops and Houstonians.

The idea is getting a thumbs up, but there's still a problem: money. Eight million is a lot, and city officials say they're having trouble finding the cash to pay for the project.

But if there's anything we've learned from the deadly shooting of Michael Brown, the unarmed teen in Ferguson, Missouri, it's that it may be worth the price in order to prevent anything like that from ever happening in Houston.