Winds of change? Introducing, the anti-Barbie doll

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HOUSTON, TEXAS - How many girls can say they look like the dolls they grow up playing with? Unfortunately, Barbie and the Walt Disney princesses have set the rules of beauty for decades, alienating millions of real life young ladies who don't quite fit the mold.

"We want little girls to walk into stores and feel just as proud to have brown skin as any other color" said Trent T. Daniel, founder of The One World Doll Project.

This Houston-based company is trying to bring diversity to a world of never-ending fantasies.

"The One World Doll Project is a company that was created to develop a line of multicultural dolls that are more true to the melting pot in the culturally diverse society that we live in today" explained Daniel.

Here's the doll family: an African-American doll, a Hispanic doll, a South-Asian doll, an African native doll and a Caucasian doll.  They are five pretty girls.  Plus, they come complete with aspirations.

"We wanted our dolls to have dreams and goals and want to be doctors, lawyers, politicians and things like that" added Daniel, "as opposed to being more fashion and glamor focused."

So, no dolls for Kim and Paris this time.  Who would have thought the way we play is the way we shape our world?  Seriously, dolls are no child's game.